Solutions in agriculture

Suggested samples - implemented projects based on IoT (Internet of Things) devices which are operated on the LoRAWAN protocol and are available for use.


Remote monitoring and microclimate control in greenhouses.

  • remote monitoring of indicators:
    •  temperature and humidity of soil and air;
    • ​ CO2 level;
    • ​ solar radiation intensity;
    • ​ leaf moisture;
    • ​ light intensity;
  • ventilation and damper control;
  •  irrigation and sprinkler system automation;
  • transfer of messages about exceeding pre-set values.

Remote Control System for irrigated land and sprinkling machines.

  • real-time monitoring of meteorological conditions on each field;
  • online control and security system for sprinkling machines and irrigation systems;
  • water flow and pressure control in     irrigation machines and sprinkler systems;
  • notifications on parameter changing, unauthorized access, theft cases.

Microclimate monitoring in storages.

  • remote reception and transmission of data on temperature and humidity in warehouses and storages;
  • humidity and temperature monitoring of stored agricultural products;
  • warning of exceeding the limits of the set parameters;
  • security alarm systems at agricultural facilities.

The petrol, oil and grease storage and extradition control system.

  • control and warning of unauthorized fuel discharge from the enterprise`s farm machinery;
  • temperature and fuel level monitoring in storage tanks;
  • Petrol, oil and grease extradition accounting.

The examples of solutions using IoT (Internet of Things) devices shown above are operating according to the LoRAWAN protocol, are put into practice and can be adapted to customer requirements. These include changing the logic of the devices’ software, creating a visualization of received data, and modifying structural characteristics of the devices.