Solutions in ecology

The implemented projects for IoT using the LoRaWAN protocol are available for integration as of today.


Remote collection and transmission of data on environment condition. 

Monitoring the air quality index. 

  • measured parameters:
    •  temperature;
    •  humidity;
    •  pressure;
    •  CO2 level;
    •  mass concentration of PM2.5, PM10;
  • ability to connect additional sensors;
  • transmission of emergency messages while the norms of indicators are exceeded;
  • power supply from the network, solar battery, built-in battery.

Control and prevention of water level rise in rivers and ponds.

  • ultrasonic, capacitive, bobber — measurement methods;
  • autonomous power supply of the radio transmitting device;
  • data transmission range up to 15 km;
  • data transmission and processing in the situational center.


These examples of IoT devices using the LoRaWAN protocol are practically implemented and can be adapted to customer requirements: change of the device software logic, development of the received data visualization(dashboards), change in the design characteristics of devices.