Solutions in industry 

Practical examples of the application of IoT devices using the LoRaWAN protocol are available for integration today.


Monitoring the condition of mechanisms and nodes in production processes.

  • Recording the mechanisms and nodes temperature;
  • Control of the executive mechanisms’ vibration level;
  • Notification on changes in the set parameters;
  • Measurement of amperage and voltage;
  • Management of executive mechanisms and nodes.

Tracking system for equipment and ready products.

  • Tracking the movement and location of products (LoRaWAN+BLE+RFID);
  • Control of equipment movement in open areas, storages and workshops (GPS + LoRaWAN + BLE);
  • Integration of data into the enterprise management system.

Monitoring of engineering networks and communications. 

  • control of the rate of consumption and pressure of liquids and gases;
  • collection of data from engineering equipment for subsequent processing and visualization;
  • monitoring the operation of aspiration systems equipment;
  • etc. 


The suggested practical examples of IoT devices using the LoRaWAN protocol can be adapted to customer requirements, namely: development of the device software logic, development of the received data visualization(dashboards), change in the design characteristics of devices.