On February 8-10, 2022, Atiko, as part of the Zaporizhia IAM cluster, took part in the 21st interregional specialized exhibition AgroTechService-2022.

During the exhibition the possibilities and benefits of using LoRaWAN technology in agricultural enterprises were presented. 

Projects presented:

  • remote control and management of equipment;
  • monitoring the parameters of devices and units in real time;
  • automation of the process of collecting indicators from metering devices;
  • protection of premises and storage areas;
  • GPS-monitoring of the enterprise’s vehicle and equipment movement;
  • remote control of irrigation of lands, tracking the water, fuel and grease consumption;
  • management and protection systems for irrigation machines;
  • weather data monitoring, etc.

During the exhibition, consulting work with farmers was carried out, new contacts were established and contacts were exchanged with the representatives of large and medium-sized agricultural enterprises. As a result of communication, new areas for work were identified. Already today we develop new devices, that allow solving even more tasks of farmers, improving the work of agricultural enterprises.