Modern business is developing and resorting increasingly to up-to-date solutions to create efficient and economical management models. The integration of IoT solutions enables to survive and grow in a highly competitive environment. More and more legislation acts require businesses to meet strict requirements.

How Businesses use IoT

Any company or production requires the use of big data to manage. The enterprise`s efficiency and many decisions depend on whether the data is received promptly and whether it is reliable. But collecting and processing of important data using classical methods can take considerable time and requires a significant human resource. The result is time and economic losses.
The implementation of IoT solutions in a business model allows to rapidly solve tasks that previously required a lot of time and resources. Therefore, there is a growing demand for centralized control and automation.
The possibilities of using IoT in the industry and business are wide, limited only by imagination and financial capabilities of the customer. Machine-to-machine communication is possible in any environment where there is data that can be measured.

Examples of IoT in various spheres

1. Smart homes and cities.

The idea of a convenient city, not only for residents but also for managing , is very popular all over the world. It consists in replacement of obsolete management models with automated ones, organization of dispatching and control, collection and processing of operational information from important infrastructure facilities, etc.

Smart homes and cities.

2. Industry.

The implementation of IoT allows to achieve significant savings in the industry. Wireless control of important units and mechanisms, reception of urgent messages, security and control of employees allow to react in a timely manner, reducing the possibility of downtime, poor performance of work, complex breakdowns.

Smart industry.

3. Agriculture.

The implementation of modern IoT innovations in agriculture has a large number of solutions that allow to increase yields, reduce running costs and avoid unplanned ones. There are popular solutions for automation of management and control of equipment, climate, crop conditions and machinery.

Smart agriculture

4. Logistics.

Asset tracking and asset security management with IoT technology have reached a new level. Remote monitoring of the location of goods, equipment, etc., helps not only to track their location, but also to respond rapidly to changes that happen to assets requiring additional control.

Smart logistics.

The implementation of IoT into the business takes place actively and every year the amount of solutions is increased. Today Atiko can already offer different solutions suitable for your projects or complete your technical tasks.