The preservation of ready-made agricultural products is a matter of concern to most owners of agricultural enterprises. Thus, if negative changes are not detected in time, significant losses are possible: from a decrease in quality to its complete or partial loss. To eliminate and minimize possible losses, constant temperature control of bulk and semi-solid environments (cereals and oilseeds, silage, press cake, etc.) is required. It is produced using specialized tools: usually it is a probe for measuring temperature at a depth of up to 2-3 meters.

Constant temperature control allows to track changes in a timely manner and take action to eliminate the possibility of germination, rotting, and ignition of stored products. Because any of these factors leads to financial losses.

The classic way to control the temperature of agricultural crops and silage involves periodic measurements with a temperature probe, which are made by employees at control points located in different places of the storage or pile. But this method has a number of disadvantages:

  1. Time. To obtain data from all control points, significant time costs are required: to get to the control point, take measurements, record the received data and compare with the previous ones. For large agricultural enterprises with a big amount of stored products, it is difficult to organize a process of constant control without involving significant labor resources.
  2. Human factor. The person conducting the measurements must have considerable experience and high responsibility to, without proper supervision, collect data from all points by immersing the instrument to the correct depth. His ability to correctly compare previous and current parameters is also important.
  3. Amount of data. In order to timely identify changes and accurately identify the location of the “warm” zone, it is necessary to constantly compare the data obtained from one area: current and previous records. And what if there are several tens, hundreds of areas? The amount of information is huge and it should be within touch all the time. This is inconvenient and increases the likelihood of erroneous conclusions.

A customer asked Atiko to develop a remote crop temperature control device about 3 years ago.

A probe for measuring the temperature of liquid, bulk and semi-solid environments by Atiko.

Taking the client’s request into account, the Atiko team developed a specialized device that allows receiving real-time data on the temperature of grain and stored fodder.

The AtikoT1 probe is an IoT device that is installed in a grain mass, silage, etc. to the necessary depth, after which the client receives real-time temperature data via radio link. In case of exceeding the specified parameters, an emergency notification is automatically sent. The frequency of temperature measurement starts at 2 minutes, which allows you to track the slightest changes and take action in time.

Considering the need to collect records at different seasons, the device is designed to operate in different weather conditions: from -40 to +60°C, which allows it to be used in different latitudes.

The temperature range of measured environments is from – 55 to +125 °С (±0.5 °С). 

For data transmission, the LoRaWAN protocol is used, which has advantages for agriculture over other data transmission options:

  • Communication range. In open areas, the communication range is over 10 km;
  • Battery life. The device can operate from one battery up to 10 years; 
  • Easily scalable. The device connects easily to an existing LoRaWAN network and easily integrates into any platform.

The practical application of Atiko T1 showed exceptionally positive results:

  • data on the temperature of the measured environments is received by the client with a specified time interval from all points. This allows to track the storage process in a timely manner and make decisions based on accurate data;
  • reduced labor costs. The probe is set once to the correct depth, after which there is no need in using employees to collect information. Staff is needed only when the measuring point has to be changed or to remove the equipment. 

The AtikoT1 probe is a step towards expanding the automation and digitalization of Your agricultural enterprise, allowing you to conveniently solve the difficult task of monitoring the temperature of stored products. 


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